This site was created for MegaMex Foodservice, a division of Hormel Foods, to showcase their line-up of authentic Mexican salsas and recipes imported into the United States.
Rival House Sporting Parlour
This website was created as part of an overall naming and branding project for the brand new wood-fired pizza restaurant in St. Paul, MN.
J.T. Mega Agency Website
JT Mega was using a website that was created when flash-based sites were popular. While flashy, they were difficult to update. I was tasked with designing a new html-based site that allowed the agency to more easily add new work and employee profiles, while also keeping some of the charming features of the flash site (the bars on the right edge sounded like chimes when rolled over).
General Mills Salty Advantage
An internal company website for the General Mill's sales force whose focus is on Convenience store salty products. It provides them with information, sales tools, and a sweepstakes promotion as an incentive and reward.
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